One of the most attractive features of Japanese cooking is the use of very fresh ingredients whose natural tastes are preserved as much as possible during preparation. Even the varied and subtle taste of raw fish and sea-food is maintained to its full value by the Japanese and is one of the highlights on the menu.

Ed Balke, born in Amsterdam, fell under the spell of Japanese culture and tradition at the end of the sixties. After two years in America where he spent time with Japanese people learning the basics of their cuisine, he left for Japan where he spent another two years initiating himself into the culinary secrets of the country. Since 1999 he works with Takeati Kato, a talented Sushi chef from Hiroshima. The Izumi Restaurant exists since 1978 and helped by its experience, its objective has always been to produce Japanese cuisine as perfectly and as authentic as possible in its original form. We hope you'll enjoy your meal and wish you a wonderful time at the Izumi Restaurant .